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Step One: Before you Look--Qualify

Tue, Sep 20th 2016 7:00 am by Bank Rates

You have been online, found the neighborhood you like in the school district you have to have.  You have a list of homes you want to see.  Let's go house hunting, Gwen.....

Not so fast, we need to make sure you qualify for this home before you see it.  We need to be sure you have a high enough credit score and wages to support this house.  When you buy this is for a 30 year commitment, not a 12 month lease.  You need to be sure this is what you want.

When you work with me, I want you to qualify and to borrow from someone local.  Someone we can sit down with if a problem comes up.  We need someone close by that will answer the phone.  Someone who wants this to happen as much as you do.  ...

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Questions for the Closing Attorney

Sun, Aug 21st 2016 11:55 am by Bank Rates

Robert Whitney Attorney

Every state has different rules about real estate and how the transfer of property takes place. Robert has over 35 years experience and is my personal attorney on real estate, wills and some estate planning. I sat down with Robert Whitney, one of the attorneys who closes property in Oconee county, to  ask him the questions I am ask during each transaction.

1) Why do real estate closings in South Carolina take place at an Attorney's office?  They closings don't have to take place at my office but it is less expensive--the buyer and seller are not paying me to travel to closing.  The convenience of doing it in my office is less expensive, more secure and private.  The attorney's office...

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Why Would I Use an Auctioneer?

Thu, Aug 18th 2016 9:55 am by Professionals we use


Terry Howe
Auctioneer 101

Last Friday, I sat down with Terry Howe, an auctioneer that I have used in the past.  I wanted to ask Terry a few questions that I had been asked over the years and put this together in an article that my customers could read and understand why sometimes an auction is better than listing with a real estate agent.

Gwen:  What does an auctioneer do?

Terry:  I have been in the auction business for over 30 years.  The definition of what I do has changed over time. 

  1. I act as an intermediary between family members, attorneys, banks and judges.
  2. I inventory and appraise personal property and real estate. I develop evidence to make equitable divisions of assets....

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Sat, Jul 30th 2016 9:44 am by Reviews

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Online Loan Applications are NOT Time Savers

Wed, Jul 27th 2016 11:12 am by Making Offers

Yes you can do your loan application online but that does not mean your loan will move along as you think it should.

  1. When you do the application, make sure you fill out all the details in all the sections they require.
  2. When you send over the tax forms for the past 2 years, make sure you sign the copies before you mail them.  When you file tax returns online you do not sign on the form and this is one way the lenders are stalling the process.
  3. Make sure you open an account at the credit union or bank if this is a requirement for the loan.  They will not remind you, the processor will just put your file aside till you do this ...making your loan a very slow process.
  4. You must send a c...

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Building Lots in Walhalla with Creeks

Mon, Jun 6th 2016 10:40 am by Property Listings

Building Lots in Walhalla with Creeks 

There are a few things to consider when buying a building lot with a creek.

1) The house and improvements have to be 50 feet from the creek.  EPA has ruled that any building that has to be treated to prevent termites has to be 50 feet from running water.

2) Trees and vegetation along the creek banks cannot be disturbed.  Erosion is a factor in building so creek banks must be stabilized if you remove the vegetation from the banks.

3) Creeks are a great water feature and if you have running water, be sure to maximize your outdoor space to take advantage of the sounds of the water as well as having viewing areas to watch the wild life around the cre...

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Homes in Walhalla, SC with Hardwood Floors

Sun, Jun 5th 2016 12:45 pm by Property Listings

Click here to search for Homes in Walhalla SC with Hardwood Floors      

Hardwood floors

Yesterday was the first class to graduate at the new Walhalla High School on Highway 11.  The construction process was just over 2 years and we now have a most impressive high school with computer labs, science labs, and wireless technology through out the school. Walhalla is a great school offering football, tennis, cross country, soccer, basketball, soft ball and baseball.  The campus includes a new stadium and playing fields.

Oconee is school choice, you can go to any school if you provide the transportation.  If you want the school to provide transportation, you must live in the district. Walhalla School dist...

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Top Tips for Home Buyers and Sellers in 2016

Wed, Jan 20th 2016 10:13 am by Found Articles

Buying & Selling Tips for 2016

Buying & Selling Tips for 2016.In case you missed it® just released "Top Tips for Home Buyers and Sellers in 2016" to help guide house-hunters and home sellers on what's most important for buying and selling a home this year. These are tips worth sharing with your clients. (As always, look at your local market conditions and use your professional judgment to determine if these tips are 100% on-mark for you.)

Two we found particularly interesting:

For buyers: "Buy in the Midwest or South. The Midwest and South will likely offer the most affordable options for home purchasers in 2016.® singles out the following markets as offering buyers high affordability...

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Log sided cabin on 3 lots with Whitewater Lake Access--SOLD

Sun, Aug 30th 2015 4:42 pm by Mountain Lakes

624 North Lake Drive Salem SC

            Whitewater Lake                                         

3 lots with hardwoods and pasture. Fenced ready for your horse. Come to visit the area, hike, fish, swim and be just minutes from Highway 11 North.  Convenient to Jocassee and Keowee Lakes. Storage for 2 boats. You must see this property if you like to play at the lake.  624 North Lake Drive, Salem is offered at $82,500.


Log Sided Cabin on 3 Lots    624 North Lake Drive Salem   Whitewater Lake Access


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Home Inspectors

Tue, Jul 14th 2015 12:50 pm by How To

Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector

When you buy a Walhalla home, you need to know exactly what you’re buying. Imagine how frustrated you’d be to find out that the hot water heater wasn’t working—in the middle of a shower! This is why you should have a home inspection before you buy your home. A home inspection is an important part of buying your home. Before you hire a home inspector, ask candidates a few questions to make sure you hire a trustworthy inspector.

  1. What does your inspection cover? Not all inspections are the same. Ask for copies of previous home inspections so you can see exactly what they will check inside the Walhalla home. If y...

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Purchaser of a Lot at Mountain Rest

Fri, Feb 13th 2015 7:06 pm by Hiring an Agent
I recently purchased some land in Mountain Rest, South Carolina and Gwen Fowler Brown was the listing broker. She was most helpful during the entire sale process & her follow-up post-closing was unexpected & delightful.  She also recommended a builder with whom I have already met.  She is most professional & I would highly recommend her to my friends.
James H. 

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True or False: Working with the listing agent will get a buyer the best deal.... FALSE

Thu, Oct 2nd 2014 2:57 pm by How To

When a buyer starts to look for a house, they start on the internet, news paper and in the real estate magazines. This is just the beginning of the job of buying a home...the most expensive purchase of your life.

The buying process is very long and complicated...things have to be done in a certain order, some things take longer to get done and have to be ordered before others.  You have to be familiar with the process and the requirements of the mortgage company, county/city requirements for you to occupy a home and just general things that have to be done before the house will be yours. Working without an agent to represent your interest as a buyer is foolish and can be quiet expensive...

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What to expect when starting the buying process

Thu, Oct 2nd 2014 2:57 pm by Hiring an Agent

A couple of things to consider when talking to an agent who will represent you.  

  1. Buying a house takes time, from start to finish the average buyer spends a year looking and buying a house.
  2. You must be honest with them, hidden things always come out before closing.  Everyone is better off knowing the secrets and handling them as they need to be handled.  
  3. Commission is what makes the agent work for you, there are no free rides.  In most cases there will be commission offered to the buyer's agent from the seller and seller's agent.  It may be a token amount or it may be an acceptable amount for the work the buyer's agent will be doing...either way, commission is something that needs t...

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Bees, wonderful Bees, where are you?

Sun, Jul 6th 2014 2:37 pm by Pondering with Gwen

Flowers from Robert Whitney's Garden

I have 7 squash plants that bloom everyday.  Do I have any squash to cook?  Anything to show for all these blooms?  Nope, nothing, no fruit just blooms. I have decided that I need bees.  We have flowers but no bees.  I do not mow until the dandelions make seed(...more for us to mow but more flowers to bring bees to us.) We do not use pesticides. Still we have no bees.

I started my research this weekend.  I need to plant lavender, catmint, sage, cilantro, thyme, fennel and borage...all herbs that Henry will use to make his meal time dishes taste better.  I also need crocus to get them coming early in the spring, buttercup, asters, hollyhocks (does anyone plant hollyhocks anymore?) anemo...

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Lake Becky Access-Lisa Lane Mountain Rest SC 29664

Sun, Jun 15th 2014 10:59 am by Property Listings

Just in time for summer vacation!  this old fashioned mountain cabin is now on the market.  3 bedrooms, 1 bath, kitchen with room for a couple of cooks.  This property is 2.35 acres near the Oconee State Park.  Teach your kids and grandkids how to have fun without an I-Pad.  Room for a hot tub, tree house or horse shoe pit.  Come to play, come to stay.

This property is being sold AS IS.  The seller has never lived at the property.  I can tell you it needs a new roof, but there is only 1 layer of shingles so put on a metal roof and get to playing.  Look at this one and see the possibilities of no phone, no internet, lots of family time.  Close to the National Forest, Oconee State Park, Ch...

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Keowee Lots and Homes with Mountain Views

Wed, Jun 4th 2014 11:30 am by Property Listings

Just did a search for Keowee lots and homes with mountain views for a client and thought I would post the results here.  Click the link below to see what I saw.

Have a great day and when you are ready to purchase your Keowee Lake home or lot, remember Gwen, I represent buyers, not sellers on Lake Keowee.

Lake Keowee Homes and Lots with Mountain views

if the link does not work, copy and paste,17,18,19,20,21,22,23/lp:0/hp:999999999999/br:0/br_e:0/fba:0/fba_e:0/hba:0/hba_e:0/ftr_lake:40/ftr_lot_description:201

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Thu, Dec 5th 2013 9:28 am by How To

Each year I introduce buyers to the idea that you do not have to buy a house, you can buy a lot and build a house.  Everyone hears the horrors of building, but it does not have to go down that path.  You can build a house without having problems if you plan and prepare before you start the building process.

......................................Chattooga Lake Mountain Rest SC.........................................................................

I am not talking about picking out the cabinets, I am talking about getting a septic tank installed, a well put in place or getting a water tap in place.  Most builders will do this for you but if you want to increase the value of your property while y...

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A Tree: can you imagine what it has seen?

Mon, Apr 1st 2013 3:56 pm by Pondering with Gwen

A big Tree

I made a u-turn to take this picture.  This is the biggest oak tree I have ever seen in the upstate area. I know there are bigger ones in the low country, but this one took my breath away.

Can you imagine what this tree has seen?

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Georgia Guide Stones

Mon, Apr 1st 2013 11:10 am by Pondering with Gwen

Sunday was overcast, too gloomy to stay home and a holiday to boot.  I put on my discovery shoes and hit the road.  I wanted to look for flowers and signs of spring...we had snow this week and I am very tired of winter.  

We headed south on Highway 11 to I-85, and then took the 1st exit in Georgia.  We went to Hartwell and saw a cross made of flowers...a very different Easter cross.  

Georgia Guide Stones

We then went Elberton where we found the Georgia Guide Stones. The tablets contain the following instructions in multiple languages:

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new l...

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Houses by the numbers

Fri, Mar 8th 2013 2:35 pm by Market Report

Single Family Properties: Oconee Sales

Single Family Properties

January 2012

January 2013

% of Change

Units Sales




Average Sales Price




Median Sales Price




Inventory of Homes for Sale




Sales to List Price Ratio




Months Supply of Inventory




Days on Market





Things are getting better in real estate and the numbers show it.  The number of days a house is on the market is down by...