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2024 Orchid Show at the World of Energy

Fri, Feb 16th 2024 2:04 pm by Gwen Fowler Things to Do In Oconee

Instructions at the orchid show   The colors are so Bright at the Orchid Show

Henry and I went to the Orchid Show at the World of Energy today.  This is the first time we have been since covid 19.  The crowd was good; there were many flowers and questions about treating an orchid.  I have had 2. I killed the first one by over-watering and constantly picking at it.  The 2nd one, I try to water it once every couple of weeks and in the summer I hand it in a maple tree and ignore it.  This is my 5 year with it and my 3rd one without any blooms.

Connie has one in the office that has had flowers for the past 9 months and new buds are popping out on another stem as we look at it.  Her orchid seems to be very happy in the front office and I enjoy seeing it bloom.

Orchid Show Feb 2024 1  ...

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Think About Your Debt

Sun, Dec 24th 2023 11:09 am by Gwen Fowler 60 Second Insight

This is the month we spend to make the people around us happy and to make them want to be our friends.  Our national debt creeps higher each minute you sit on Amazon or shop through the stores.

We paid off all credit cards this year, and I am not returning to monthly interest and debts I have to worry about.  In our journey, we found Citi Cards.  This month, they are offering 0% on transfers with a 5% transfer fee.  Now is an excellent time to review your debts and see if moving some or all of a credit card to this one will help your situation.

Start the new year by acknowledging your problems and making a plan. 

1) Apply for the interest fee card---you cannot take the total limit they...

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120 Bonner Road Mountain Rest SC

Mon, Jul 31st 2023 9:10 am by Gwen Fowler House and Land Listings

120 Bonner Road, Mountain Rest, SC, is nestled in the serene Lake Becky Community, where lake access and mountain charm converge. This picturesque mountain bungalow offers 2 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, with the possibility of creating a third bedroom by adding a privacy wall. Priced at $239,000, this property presents an excellent opportunity for those seeking a tranquil escape with easy access to the beautiful Lake Becky.

Step inside to discover an inviting oak kitchen and multiple decorative fireplaces that infuse the home with warmth and character. The layout is designed to provide convenient living on the first level, and with the addition of a shower, the 1/2 baths could be made full an...

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May 2023 Residential sales in Mountain Rest SC

Wed, Jun 21st 2023 7:13 pm by Gwen Fowler Market Report

During the month of May 2023, three residential properties were sold in Mountain Rest, South Carolina. The sales consisted of a range of homes with varying characteristics and prices. Let's examine the details of each transaction:

Property Details:

Type: 2-bedroom, 1-bath home with a carport
Sale Price: $170,000
Size 700 Square Feet

Property Details:

Type: 2-bedroom, 1-bath home with a garage
Size 788 Square Feet
Sale Price: $205,000

Property Details:

Type: 3-bedroom, 2-bath home
Size: 2,000 square feet
Sale Price: $405,000
It is worth noting that the three homes sold in Mountain Rest, SC during May 2023 represent a diverse range of property types, sizes, and prices. Here is a breakdown of...

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Embrace Endless Sunshine and Waterfront Bliss at 244 Jocassee Ridge Way

Tue, May 23rd 2023 12:28 pm by Gwen Fowler 60 Second Insight

Jocassee Ridge

Prepare to embark on a journey to 244 Jocassee Ridge Way, an extraordinary building lot that combines the allure of endless sunshine with unparalleled waterfront access. Nestled amidst the natural beauty of South Carolina, this remarkable property offers the perfect setting for boating enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. With panoramic views and the proximity of Jocassee Lake just 5 miles away and Lake Keowee only 7 miles away, 244 Jocassee Ridge Way invites you to create your dream home in a tranquil environment blessed with abundant sunshine and captivating water vistas.

A Boater's Haven Amidst Nature's Splendor: On over 2.4 acres of picturesque land, 244 Jocassee Ridge Way is a tru...

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10 Essential Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Sat, May 13th 2023 3:15 pm by Gwen Fowler Found Articles

 10 Essential Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Introduction: Purchasing your first home is an exciting milestone that signifies a new chapter in life. It offers stability and a sense of accomplishment. However, the process can be overwhelming, particularly for those unfamiliar with the real estate market. To assist you in navigating this journey confidently, we have compiled ten essential tips tailored explicitly for first-time homebuyers. Let's delve into these invaluable insights!

1) Be Selective and Realistic: Recognize that finding a perfect home is unlikely. Instead, focus on identifying a property that meets your needs and has potential for future improvements.

2) Conduct Thorough ...

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2023, What a year so far!!!

Sat, Mar 25th 2023 1:35 pm by Gwen Fowler 60 Second Insight

2023 is another matter:  We have had interest rate increases, points are back and must be brought down, and the rules regarding who and how you qualify for loans have changed. Many people who qualify for loans do not qualify for as much now or not at all.  I must be creative -nothing routine in this business now. Financing is more accessible when the rates are around 7-9% since lenders enjoy a higher return. As a country, we have gotten used to lower rates for buying but have forgotten all the savers who have been short-changed for the past decades.

As the market is slowing, now is the time to talk to builders and get on the list for building your home, not three years from now.  Keith J...

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New Agents

Sat, Mar 25th 2023 12:54 pm by Gwen Fowler Gwen

We have added two new agents to the list this spring: Jesse Ezell is a native of Oconee County and is familiar with the lots at Jocassee Ridge, the mountain lakes, and most of the homes in the MLS. He lives in Westminster with his wife and two daughters. Jesse sold Harley Davidson motorcycles and equipment and has an instinct for getting answers to your questions or problems.  Jesse can be reached at 864-613-4088, call or text or email him at

Carl Traenkner moved from Florida to Mountain Rest with his wife and new puppy.  Carl has been an agent for several years. He stepped up and managed things while I have been out and is particularly good at dotting on the I's and c...

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Its Never a Bad Time To Buy

Mon, Mar 20th 2023 9:05 pm by Gwen Fowler Pondering with Gwen

Is it economical to rent rather than buy a home?
Choosing whether to rent or buy a home is one of the most significant financial decisions that you can make. For most people, buying a home presents improved privacy, control, and security. The choice is about personal preferences whose financial gain is insignificant. A mortgage is more complicated than rent is, thus making it challenging to determine a better deal between the two alternatives. However, no matter the prevailing conditions, buying a home is eventually more economical than renting.

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy a home!

Building Equity

For a mortgage, you will need to pay a huge down payment and monthly...

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Carolina Yellowstone

Wed, Mar 15th 2023 12:36 pm by Gwen Fowler 60 Second Insight

Have you been dreaming of a ranch of your own?
This might not be Montana nor is it 776,000 Acres but this property with the right vision could be the home to your own "Dutton Ranch" unfortunately no Rip included.

192+ acres of woodlands and a river portion that feeds Lake Keowee, this property has the wide spaces and potential to the be private getaway you have always wanted. Kayak or paddle board without boat traffic getting in your way, this is a quiet area. The 193 acres area has an abundance of mountain views including long-range views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Over 1 mile of Bieman Creek runs through the middle of the rolling, foothills terrain. Over 10 miles of trails and roads o...

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105 Baumgarner Drive, Mountain Rest SC 29664

Thu, Oct 20th 2022 8:21 am by Gwen Fowler Property Listings

Sumter national forest house near Chauga and Chattooga Rivers

Sold but we have others.  

Gwen Fowler Real Estate, 864-710-4518.

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186 Lake Becky Road, Mountain Rest SC

Tue, Oct 18th 2022 4:02 pm by Gwen Fowler Property Listings

186 Lake Becky Road

Check out our new listing at  186 Lake Becky Road.  This home does need some TLC but it is in Sumter National Forest, less than 1 mile to Oconee State Park and the land is unrestricted so you can garden, and have chickens and bonfires on these cool afternoons.  Call Gwen for a plat and the details.  864-710-4518.  or click the QR Code above.

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Jocassee Ridge Subdivision

Mon, Aug 22nd 2022 1:12 pm by Gwen Fowler House and Land Listings

Jocassee Ridge view of the NC Mountains

Buying a home or land in Jocassee Ridge, Salem SC

Jocassee Ridge is a great residential area developed in early 2003, blending craftsman-style homes on estate-sized lots with natural rock outcroppings and mountain views.  Less than 5 miles away is Lake Jocassee, a man-made hydro lake locally known as “The Tahoe of the East.” The Jocassee area is enjoyed by hikers, canoers, boaters, and fishermen from all over the world.  If you have questions about Jocassee Ridge, Salem, SC, please contact us whenever it is convenient.

If you live in The Jocassee Ridge subdivision and have school-aged children, you have your pick of several excellent schools that can all be found nearby. The conve...

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Sweat Equity

Sat, Jul 9th 2022 10:42 am by Gwen Fowler Property Listings

The storms last night knocked out the internet so today I am hot-spotting with my cell phone and trying to get things done. I am sitting here listing to tech support music play.  I have been holding for over an hour and I am next.  I hope I do not lose my place in line.

This month I have had 3 sales and have reduced 3 listings prices and I am working on getting 3 listings.  The magic of the 3s.  For anyone who does not work in real estate my goal, each week is to have a closing, list a new property, and put one under contract.  If you can make this happen you will have a steady income.

 I am getting a 2000 square feet brick house on 2 lots on Tuesday.  3/4 bedrooms, 2 baths with screene...

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Enjoy Views that will Never Go Away!

Mon, Jun 13th 2022 12:42 pm by Gwen Fowler Property Listings

Jocassee Ridge Subdivison Views

Jocassee Ridge Subdivision is a gated mountain retreat just 5 minutes from Jocassee Lake and Devil's Fork State Park.  This subdivision offers big, expansive views of the North Carolina Mountains.  This community has underground power service, city water, and high-speed internet...fiber optic. 

Jocassee Lake is 5 minutes away and is a public lake, some have called it the Tahoe of the east.  Waterfalls and pure clean water make this lake a true experience. The lake is 7500 acres and has about seventy-five miles of shoreline. There is only one landing on Jocassee so come early before the parking lot is full.  Lake Keowee is just 10 minutes away.  Lake Keowee has 18,500 acres and three hu...

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Another Year Older

Tue, Jan 11th 2022 6:42 pm by Gwen Fowler 60 Second Insight

My birthday was yesterday.  I am grateful to see another year.  2021 kicked my butt on several levels:

1) I had covid and lost the entire month of September

2) Because I had covid, my hair is falling out.  I did not know I was vain about my hair but I have discovered I am.

3) Because of Covid I did not get a vacation last year, I did not go to any concerts or fun events and I did not mingle with friends and family like I would have liked to.

But on the other side of the coin, I have aged to a new level. I appreciate simple things more:

1) Business was great, one of the best years I have ever had.  Lots of people sitting online reading about real estate and getting advice on how good ...

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Building New Homes by the Decade

Sat, May 15th 2021 10:31 am by Gwen Fowler 60 Second Insight

Each decade of new house construction increased until we got to 2010-2019. This article is based on the numbers in the Statista Research Department report dated 11/6/2020.

From 1900 -1909 there were 5.3 million homes built,

 1910-1919 - 4.3 million 

1920 - 1929--9.23 Million, post-WWI Era

1930-1939--5.42-This was the era of the great depression,

1940-1949-9.5 million,

1950-1959-21.38 million, Post WWII Era

1960-1969-20.21 million,

1970-1979-25.8 million,

1980-1989-25.1 million

1990-1999-26.6 Million

2000-2009-27.0 Million

2010-2019-5.8 Million  

We are not having a boom, we are just trying to catch up with the need for housing that was not addressed in the last decade.  I exp...

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I accepted the November Gratitude Challenge...

Tue, Nov 26th 2019 10:50 am by Gwen Fowler Pondering with Gwen

Over the last 4 weeks, I have posted 4 blogs to the Active Rain Realtor networking platform.

This was a challenge issued by one of the Ambassadors for Active Rain. I have completed my challenge and wanted to share the posts with you. 

Installment #1Thankful for where I live
Installment #2 Family Traditions
Installment #3 My Greatest Blessing, Henry
Installment #4 The freedom to travel

Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving to you, and yours.

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The Dart Hit Lakemont

Sun, Mar 31st 2019 11:42 am by Gwen Fowler Gwen

Each month we throw the dart and go to the spot it hits.  This month the dart hole was bigger than the place we were going to.  Lakemont Ga is a tiny stop in the road just off 441.  There are 5 old storefronts, all but one were closed on Saturday.  Makes you wonder when they are open.

We made our way to The Open Door at Alley's Ol' store.  Quite a mouthful.  Were we surprised?  Quaint, charming and well worth the drive.  We left 441 just below the end of Clayton city proper and went over a winding road to Old 441 South.  The storefront was the first thing we saw when we stopped at the stop sign.  Did I mention charm & quaint?  This is the picture in the dictionary for each of those words...

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Put out your Feeders -- Hummingbird Season is here!!

Mon, Mar 25th 2019 10:57 am by Gwen Fowler Gwen

March 23rd is the beginning of hummingbird season this year.   I think that sounds early, but the articles I am reading says the scouts will be in the area this week. If your feeders are not out, they will skip right over you and head on to where they can find food and nectar.   Hummingbird food is a mix of  1 part sugar to 4 parts water.  NO RED food coloring.  Make sure your feeder is red and that is all that is required.  The mix will need to be changed out every other day to prevent it from fermenting and making the birds sick.

My friends Allan & Judy who live at Mountain Rest have their property for sale, but they also have a lot of hummingbirds in one place.  Judy fills the feeders...

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