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New Guidelines for making appointments

Posted By Gwen Fowler @ May 13th 2024 3:51pm In: Making Offers

We are setting new guidelines for making appointments for our listings. Life makes showings very hard. To show a house that is occupied at a moment's notice, either the house is not cleaned like a show house, or the appointment is made to give enough time to straighten up, put the dog in the car, put the cat in the carrier, and put all the kids in the car—during what should have been dinner.

  1. Prequalification and Proof of Funds will be delivered to the listing agent when the showing appointment is requested. I find it essential for potential buyers to be prequalified and provide proof of funds before scheduling appointments.  This ensures that serious buyers are prioritized and helps streamline the process.
  2. A new process has been introduced in real estate. The agent representing the buyer must fill out Form 120, also known as the commission form. This form will indicate the commission the buyer's agent requests from the seller. When scheduling the appointment, I will inform the seller of the concessions expected to be made to the buyer's agent.
  3. Firm Guidelines are crucial.  When agents deviate from these guidelines, it can lead to complications and misunderstandings. Sticking to the rules ensures consistency and professionalism.
  4. Payment for Deviations: if an agent goes outside the established guidelines, there should be consequences.  Charging for such deviations encourages adherence to the correct order of procedures.  You must correct the oversite if you forget the Termite letter or other inspection.  Ensure you follow the checklist I provide and the calendar of deadlines you receive for the accepted offer.
  5. Importance of Order: While skipping steps may seem tempting, it often results in more work later. Following the correct order saves time and prevents unnecessary complications. Order and timeliness make the transaction come together.

Remember, maintaining professionalism and adhering to guidelines benefits both agents and clients.

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