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2024 Orchid Show at the World of Energy

Posted By Gwen Fowler @ Feb 16th 2024 2:04pm In: Things to Do In Oconee

Instructions at the orchid show   The colors are so Bright at the Orchid Show

Henry and I went to the Orchid Show at the World of Energy today.  This is the first time we have been since covid 19.  The crowd was good; there were many flowers and questions about treating an orchid.  I have had 2. I killed the first one by over-watering and constantly picking at it.  The 2nd one, I try to water it once every couple of weeks and in the summer I hand it in a maple tree and ignore it.  This is my 5 year with it and my 3rd one without any blooms.

Connie has one in the office that has had flowers for the past 9 months and new buds are popping out on another stem as we look at it.  Her orchid seems to be very happy in the front office and I enjoy seeing it bloom.

Orchid Show Feb 2024 1   Orchid-Show Feb 2024-2

Here are a few pictures Henry took of today's show.  Enjoy!!

Instructors at the orchid show 2024  white orchids feb 2024  

You still have time, the show is from 10-2 on Saturday!!

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