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Interior Lake Lots with Deeded Boat Slips

Posted By Gwen Fowler @ Mar 4th 2024 9:39am In: Property Listings

I was asked this weekend why anyone would rent space to keep their boat at the marina when they could have a building lot with a deeded boat slip. Here is my take on this question:

Owning an interior lot with a deeded boat slip can offer several advantages, even if the property isn't directly waterfront. Here are some reasons why someone might choose to invest in such a property:

1. **Cost Savings**: Interior lots with deeded boat slips are more affordable than waterfront properties. This allows individuals to enjoy the benefits of boat ownership and access to water recreation while potentially saving on the overall purchase price.

2. **Community Amenities**: Many communities with deeded boat slips offer a range of amenities and facilities for residents to enjoy, such as parks, walking trails, pools, tennis courts, and clubhouses. Owners of interior lots can still access these amenities with the convenience of a nearby boat slip.

3. **Access to Water**: Despite not being directly on the waterfront, owning a deeded boat slip provides convenient access to waterways and boating opportunities. You can still enjoy the boating lifestyle without the higher cost associated with waterfront properties.

4. **Increased Privacy**: Interior lots often offer more privacy than waterfront properties, as they are typically situated away from main water bodies and may have fewer neighbors. This can appeal to individuals who value peace and quiet while still having access to boating facilities.

5. **Potential for Appreciation**: Properties with deeded boat slips can still appreciate in value over time, especially in desirable waterfront communities. While interior lots may not command the same premium as waterfront properties, they can still offer a solid return on investment, particularly in areas experiencing growth and development.

6. **Flexibility**: Owning an interior lot with a deeded boat slip provides flexibility in terms of property usage. Owners can choose to build their primary residence, vacation home, or rental property, depending on their preferences and long-term goals.

7. **Lower Maintenance**: Interior lots may require less maintenance than waterfront properties, as they are less exposed to the elements and potential risks such as erosion or flooding. This can result in lower ongoing maintenance costs for the property owner: no shoreline maintenance or regulations.

Overall, owning an interior lot with a deeded boat slip offers a balance of affordability, convenience, privacy, and access to water recreation, making it an attractive option for those seeking a waterfront lifestyle without the premium price tag.

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