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Building New Homes by the Decade

Posted By Gwen Fowler @ May 15th 2021 10:31am In: 60 Second Insight

Each decade of new house construction increased until we got to 2010-2019. This article is based on the numbers in the Statista Research Department report dated 11/6/2020.

From 1900 -1909 there were 5.3 million homes built,

 1910-1919 - 4.3 million 

1920 - 1929--9.23 Million, post-WWI Era

1930-1939--5.42-This was the era of the great depression,

1940-1949-9.5 million,

1950-1959-21.38 million, Post WWII Era

1960-1969-20.21 million,

1970-1979-25.8 million,

1980-1989-25.1 million

1990-1999-26.6 Million

2000-2009-27.0 Million

2010-2019-5.8 Million  

We are not having a boom, we are just trying to catch up with the need for housing that was not addressed in the last decade.  I expect it will take more than 10 years of house building to address our needs. Waiting for a better time to sell?  This is it. As more houses are built and added to the market, the demand for used/older homes will reduce.

From 2010-2019 on 5.8 million houses were built, baby boomers were downsizing but no one addressed the new homes needed for young families or for families who needed to move up.

If you are thinking of downsizing or moving up,  call me for an estimate on what you will net in this market. The answer is in the numbers, now it's time to sell.

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