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Please remove the Tchotchke if you want your house to sell

Posted By @ Aug 22nd 2011 10:15am In: How To

When you are selling you need to remove the Tchotchke (CHOCH-kee) before the buyers arrive. Did you miss that word in English 101, ok the trinkets, baubles, do dads and distractions.  Buyers need to be able to focus on your house, not your stuff.  

  1. Remove anything you will not use in the next month.  Less is more.  Do you really need 30 pairs of shoes and winter sweaters when the outside temps are in the 90’s?  Remove the Tchotchke.
  2. Baby and kids pictures, put them away too.  You want the buyers to focus on the house not you    and your awards or kids.  They may know you or not.  No pictures no distractions. Remove the Tchotchke.
  3. Make the yard and front door appealing.  You want them to call. You want them to buy.  Get them through the door and you have a better chance of selling. Flowers or even just greenery is better than empty pots and flowerbeds. Make sure the toys are put away. Remove any yard ornaments you are taking with you. You do not want a birdbath or fountain to kill your sale. Remove the Tchotchke.
  4. HGTV has all the shows about staging your home.  Colors to use and what to do.  Really you need to take note.  Buyers today do not want to do anything but move in.  They do not want to paint…so the allowance rule is out.  Paint the wall an off white or beige.  Give them a blank slate to start with. Remove the Tchotchke.

Now that you know our word of the day.  Go to work, remove, paint and clean up.  You want the buyers to see the house and just the house

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