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Closing Day

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Closing Day!!!

What happens when you go to a closing? You have been so busy and today you will see the results.


On closing day we like to do the walk through about an hour before closing.  This allows you to see the house one last time before you buy it.  We have a check list for you to go through to make sure that what was promised in the contract is still there, i.e. the washer, dryer and window treatments.  This should take about 30 minutes.  You will be asked to sign off on the form that everything was correct and left as promised.


Then we meet at the attorney’s office.  In South Carolina real estate closings are held at an attorney’s office.  You will already have seen the HUD and have your funds there, so now it is just a matter of signing all the paperwork.  This usually takes between 45 minutes and an hour.  Many things will be summarized and you will be told to sign here, initial there.  IF you have questions, STOP the attorney and ask them.  This is a lifetime commitment and you must understand why you are signing everything.


After you sign and initial about 500 times, the attorney will leave the room to make copies.  This is so that his assistant can review the documents and make sure you have not missed anything.


Once he comes back, you will be given copies, keys and garage door openers.  The house is now yours. Congratulations, you did well but you are not done.


You now have to go move and when you are finished getting settled in you still have to write your letter of recommendation for your agent.  These are posted to the web page and they help other buyers and sellers know why you chose the agent you did.

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