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Fishing at Fiddler's Cove Lake

Posted By Gwen Fowler @ Mar 31st 2012 12:43pm In: Mountain Lakes

 Fiddler's Cove Fisherman, Bill Warther, Guest Poster.

As you can see the fish are biting at Fiddler’s Cove Lake.  Kraig (my son) and I drug a few out of this hole last August. We caught & released.  You can tell it pays to release because this one was 19". A buck without eggs but I returned him. He happens to be #13 for the year for black bass. I caught three fish on the first 3 casts of the year:  2 small bass and a blue gill that was 11.25' long 9.5" wide and 1.25 thick. She was full of eggs and as bright orange as I have ever seen bluegill. I checked her nose and tongue and she was a true blue gill. Not a shell cracker. What a brood fish !!!! The other 12 bass I caught were 16” or under. The other blue gill I caught was 9" and she went back I have released all that I have caught this year.

Verla, my wife, caught two large crappie. 16 " plus and the first night that I trolled I caught a 16“+ crappie trolling and caught 3 or more trolling. It was such a great evening the sky was threating but no bad winds.

Tomorrow I will work on the live well in the boat because I quit with 1.2 hours left to take a picture of this nice little bass. I caught some larger ones last year but never thought to share them with you. Fishing at Fiddler’s Cove Lake is a blast.


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