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You Can't Smell A House on Youtube

Posted By @ May 22nd 2012 9:19am In: How To

I love watching YOUTUBE videos of homes in the area, especially the ones I have shown or previewed.  I was watching one this morning about a house on a lake.  Great video, but the one thing that was missing was the smell.  When I was there, the house reeked of plug ins and when I reached the basement you could smell the musty shut up smell a 2nd home gets when it is not being used.

So to prevent the odors of a real showing from keeping your house from selling, do the following:

1) Charcoal in open bins under the beds, in the closets...out of sight will absorbe the moisture that collects in an unoccupied house. There are also commercial damp traps and if you have a dehumidifier, use it.  Lake houses collect moisture.

2) Do NOT under any circumstance try to cover up the odor of the house with sprays or plug ins.  Most consumers are educated and will start looking for problems as soon as they smell the perfume.

3) Have your agent or a neighbor open the house once a week, yes even in winter, to change out the stale air for fresh.  A closed house is a trap for smells.

4) When you use the house, make sure damp towels are not left draped over furniture or in piles.  Towels and where they have been is a breeding ground for smells.

If you are selling your home, you must make sure the smell matches the curb appeal.  Buyers buy with their eyes and noses.

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