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You Can't Buy Insurance During a Hurricane

Posted By Gwen Fowler @ Sep 8th 2017 3:48pm In: How To

Hurricane Irma will be here Monday.  

Insurance writers stopped writing in South Carolina on Wednesday of this week.  

If you don't have insurance in place for your closings, you can't get insurance till the Insurance Writers say policies can be written in SC again.  They are assessing the damage...future as the hurricane has not come through this area.  Irma, being female, could just turn the corner in Florida and go out to sea, she could turn into the Gulf and head over to Texas. Only God knows for sure.

We are on ready waiting to see what is coming.  News every hour with updates and more video.  The anticipation is making me tired. The planning is making me tired.  I will be so out of it when the storm finally gets to our area, I will probably sleep through it.

Our golden corner of South Carolina is fortunate in that we usually don't get storms like this, we are protected by the mountains and far enough from the coast that most storms blow out before they get here.  Planning now, we have food for 5 days, water...I even filled the bath tub and all the bleach bottles that I could find, we have flash lights, back up batteries for the cell phones. I am going home shortly to put up the lawn chairs, tools and other flying things that are in the yard. I have told Henry we need to catch up on the laundry and go to the library and get a stack of books in case the power goes out...I can only play cribbage for so long.

I am actually looking forward to a couple of days without power, phones, and distractions, just some quiet time to read a book, play with the cats and contemplate the next storm...Jose is following this one.  We could have a repeat performance in 3 days.  Be safe.

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