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Tax Assessment Notices

Posted By @ Sep 11th 2011 3:43pm In: How To

We received our tax assessment notices in the mail yesterday.  Oconee County has just finished a year long process of re-assessing properties in the county. State law requires this to be completed every five years to make sure the values of the properties are current.  This also gets new construction and renovations on the books and also finds the construction that has been done without a permit.

This year the notices look like this: 

 Primary Residence Tax Assessment Notice

This notice is for your primary residence.  You know this because it is multiplied by 4%.  This amount will then be reduced by your homestead value if you are disabled or over 65 years old. 

The county web site has been set up to tell you what the tax amount will be at

If you do not like the amount in BOX 4, you need to appeal your assessment (not taxes, taxes are set by your county council).  The assessment is suppose to be your fair market value on your house or property.

You will have 90 days to appeal this assessment.  You can contact Tyler Technologies at 864-718-1424, not the assessors office. 

If you do not appeal during the time period they have set forth, you can always appeal your assessment from January 1 to the 30th of each year.  You will still have to pay your tax bill, the county will refund the difference if they agree with your new value.  If you do not pay, you will have to pay late fees and interest.

If you have more than one property that is not the primary residence, then you can go to to the GIS department and look up each parcel number to determine which parcel goes with which notice.

In the end we all owe taxes, we drive the roads, send our kids to school, go to the library, hope the fire truck or ambulance comes when we need them... all are your tax dollars at work.  We all need to pay our share...our fair share.  Do not yell at the Tyler people, they have done their best with what they were given from the county and in most cases they have documented sales or transfers in your neighborhood to justify the values that were put on the property.  Go in with a smile and the manners you were taught and you will get a fair shake.  Good Luck!!

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