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Posted By @ Dec 21st 2010 8:45am In: Hiring an Agent

Show up.  Just show up.  Advice I received from a very young age. 

If you want to get ahead of the "just show ups" you need to just show up and do what you are suppose to do:  hand in your homework on time and do it right the first time. In life we usually don't get the "do over."

When you are hiring an agent, you need someone who will show up and do the job.  Many agents feel that all they have to do is show up, put your property out for other agents and a sign in the yard and their job is done.

During this recession, you have to show up, be available and be thinking beyond what the local pack is doing to get property sold.  You have to read what is happening to other agents and what is happening in California, Texas and New Jersey to get the real picture of what is happening in Walhalla. You have to be able to read the trends and not just fall for what the news programs are telling you.

As an active agent knows, you have to know the current interest rates, days on the market (with all the agents, not just the last one), number of properties sold, and have atleast viewed the property to see if it really compared to others in the neighborhood.  You have to do more than just  show up.

When choosing an agent make sure you are working with someone who will be there for you, answer the phone, return messages and someone who does more than just show up.

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