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Give Blood, Hurricane Ian has created a need

Posted By Gwen Fowler @ Sep 30th 2022 3:32pm In: 60 Second Insight

Carrell Elizabeth is my granddaughter, and she has now started the 4th generation of giving blood.  We are so proud that at 16 she took time out today to go and give. Giving blood is a fantastic way to give life, as synthetic blood has not been developed at this point.

I hope this post will encourage everyone to make an appointment in October to give.  15 minutes and you will make some family incredibly happy.  My mother is 84 and was upset at 65 when they would not let her give any more --she did not weigh enough. At 62, I still give four times a year, and Henry gives too.  My daughter works in a lab and types blood for all procedures.

We give when someone needs but we also give regularly to anyone in need. Please take time to give, someone needs what you have--all ages, all races, all people.  This is one of the easiest gifts you will ever give.

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