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60 Second Insight - My Favorite Book & Why

Mon, May 10th 2021 10:52 am by Lisa Bolter 60 Second Insight

Today's 60 Second Insight:

My Favorite Book & Why-

To say I am an avid reader is an understatement. To say I have 'a' favorite book is impossible. My list of favorites is far broad and lengthy, not to mention chaotic, for me to ever be able to settle on just one.
But for the sake of today's topic I am reaching in the hat and pulling a title.
Drum roll please...

How God Changes Your Brain
by Andrew Newberg & Mark Waldman

Why this is a favorite book of mine:

How God Changes The Brain is the first book I read that gave me a clear idea of how we are capable of changing, and creating new, neural pathways in our brains via varying types of meditation.
A topic that at first glance sounded a l...

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A Night Of Restoration In The Wilderness

Fri, Apr 23rd 2021 11:32 am by Lisa Bolter Property Listings

This is not a typical posting for me, but this is not a typical property.

Thanks to my Broker (who regularly wins the "My Broker is better than Your Broker" title) I was privileged to recently be invited to spend a night enjoying this home and the land it sits on.

Things had been hectic and she knew I needed a break, so with little more than a good book, candles, and lots of coffee, I headed off for some quiet time.

I had no idea the gift I was being given.

Surrounded by creeks and border forest, increasing its seclusion, this place is a jewel hidden in the middle of nowhere.

Backed up against the mountain side, the cabin itself is everything you would want a wilderness cabin to be...

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