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60 Second Insight - My Favorite Book & Why

Posted By Lisa Bolter @ May 10th 2021 10:52am In: 60 Second Insight

Today's 60 Second Insight:

My Favorite Book & Why-

To say I am an avid reader is an understatement. To say I have 'a' favorite book is impossible. My list of favorites is far broad and lengthy, not to mention chaotic, for me to ever be able to settle on just one.
But for the sake of today's topic I am reaching in the hat and pulling a title.
Drum roll please...

How God Changes Your Brain
by Andrew Newberg & Mark Waldman

Why this is a favorite book of mine:

How God Changes The Brain is the first book I read that gave me a clear idea of how we are capable of changing, and creating new, neural pathways in our brains via varying types of meditation.
A topic that at first glance sounded a little too "fluffy" for my rather left-brained, analytical self.
However, after reading, and re-reading. Implementing the techniques. And taking the time (it really does take time, you can throw in more re-reading here...and here) to practice, I found this book to actually be a book that can change your life.
Not in the dramatic "I hit the lottery" or "enlightenment & nirvana" kind of way, but in the "Wow! I can actually do things to change and improve how my brain works...and best part yet...I can do it on my own (my 'thank you I'll do it myself' side occasionally shows out)

All that to say, this book is definitely worth the read, and if you are serious about understanding and improving how your brain works (which, by the way, led me to far more books of interest on this topic...and others) this is a great place to start.

Yes, it's a favorite.

Be sure to leave a comment as to what your favorite book is, and why, and maybe we can all add a few new titles to our collections.

Enjoy your day!

Lisa Bolter - Licensed Agent

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Comments (2)

Sandra Campbell says...
on 11/21/21

The book sounds very interesting. Lord knows I need changes in my brain, way of thing, doing. Thanks

Lisa says...
on 11/23/21

You're welcome Sandra!

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