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A Night Of Restoration In The Wilderness

Posted By: Lisa Bolter In: Property Listings
Date: Fri, Apr 23rd 2021 11:32 am

This is not a typical posting for me, but this is not a typical property.

Thanks to my Broker (who regularly wins the "My Broker is better than Your Broker" title) I was privileged to recently be invited to spend a night enjoying this home and the land it sits on.

Things had been hectic and she knew I needed a break, so with little more than a good book, candles, and lots of coffee, I headed off for some quiet time.

I had no idea the gift I was being given.

Surrounded by creeks and border forest, increasing its seclusion, this place is a jewel hidden in the middle of nowhere.

Backed up against the mountain side, the cabin itself is everything you would want a wilderness cabin to be...quaint and cozy, porches on two sides, and incredible views. With a pine interior throughout, two bedrooms, and a bath and a half, I was in heaven. And as nice as the inside is, that is not where I spent my time.

All along the creek side of this home there is a huge screened porch complete with rocking chairs, woods, and one oversized recliner.

Needless to say, that recliner and I became fast friends, It was raining slightly when I arrived but within an hour it began to pour. Not wanting to waste a moment of the natural beauty I was in, I made my coffee, grabbed my book, and headed for that chair.

Between the rain and the creek I spent the day relaxing in a way I had not expected. By dinner it was dark and chilly outdoors, the owner knowing my plans, left an electric blanket out for me...back to the porch I went.

Never have I been so gently lulled to sleep as I was that night listening to the creek fall over the shoals. Nature creates the most beautiful music, and this place sooths the soul.

I spent the next morning watching several turkeys in the fields below the front of the cabin, walking the woods, and sitting by the creek.

Sitting on 14+ acres this is a property meant for those that truly want to disconnect, and get back to what matters most.

Lisa Bolter/ Licensed Agent